How to Make Black Wood Charcoal

1. Wood stick
Wood is cut, sawed into sections with length 40-50cm, diameter 5-20cm and placed in the kiln and then ignited at the door of kiln
Diameter of kiln: about 8-10m , can handle 20-30 tons of wood. Construction techniques also require the highest technology is the arch stage.
Time: 8-12 days, with temp: 400-600˚C
Technician will observe the level of fire and color of the smoke, then gradually close the door of the furnace so that wood will burn in an anaerobic environment. After all wood are fully burned to charcoal in the kiln
3. Cooling and liln out
Cooling time: 6-8 days
kiln door will be completely closed and wait charcoal to cool.
4. Packing wood charcoal to PP bag, carton or paper bag,… as customer’s request


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